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Learning a foreign language is a rewarding experience. You may have a need to learn Portuguese for work if your company deals with a Portuguese speaking country. You may have a Brazilian spouse and need to improve your communication. Maybe you are just interested in visiting Brazil and it would be fun to be able to speak with the locals in their language.


There are many ways to get motivated to learn with apps and software. However, it is in a classroom with an instructor and classmates that the real learning experience comes to life!


Rosangela Lawrence teaches at Washtenaw Community College and would be pleased to have you as a student. Take a look at her next Portuguese course at WCC


If you prefer private tutoring, it can be individual, or in a group, with the cost being shared among the students. Classes are tailored to fit the ability and interest of the students and the duration is usually two hours. Place, schedule, and price are arranged with the participants.


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